AXOLOTLS AUSTRALIA is a wholesale supplier of Axolotl fish and Axolotl food to pet shops in most States of Australia.

Axolotls MAY JUNE sale
Axolotls Sale May June

AXOLOTLS AUSTRALIA supplies Axolotl fish and Axolotl food to pet shops in most States of Australia including SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, and ACT.  If you're ordering from WA please be aware you may be charged a quarantine inspection fee by WA DPIRD.

We provide professional advice specialising in breeding and the health of your Axolotls.

The health of your Axolotl should be a priority at all times. Your pet Axolotl if cared for properly should have a life expectancy of 8-10 years and should grow to around 30cm.

You can order by calling us on 08 8347 0444 or via email at info@axolotlsaustralia.com.au.




Axolotls Australia Reviews

Thank you!!!

Our Axolotl arrived today & we are in love.  

Kind regards,


Axolotl customer

Bec K

Thank you she or he arrived happy and healthy and ready to eat some worms.


Shatayah Axolotl



Yes, we have the Axo ( Sunny ) Dakoda was absolutely thrilled to meet him or her lol, Thank you so much !!! that was a seriously fast delivery,


Sam Pratt

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