Breeding Axolotls

Your guide to an environment for breeding healthy Axolotls

Guide to Breeding a Healthy Axolotl

Breeding a healthy Axolotl could provide hundreds of eggs

How to determine your Axolotl's health

It's important to keep your Axolotl healthy to support Breeding providing 100's of eggs which is wonderful for this endangered species.

The health of your Axolotl should be a priority at all times.

Breeding Axolotls

Your pet Axolotl if cared for properly should have a life expectancy of 8-10 years and should grow to around 30cm.

The gills of your Axolotl will show you if they are happy or sad.

Best temperature Climate for a female Axolotl ready to lay eggs

Your Axolotl will usually breed naturally during the colder months.

As the water temperatures increase and decrease your Axolotl will mate and lay eggs, if they are in a breeding condition.

A good indication your Axolotl is going to lay eggs is by the size and shape of your pet. The female when viewed form above will have an oval appearance.

What is the best age for Axolotls to breed?

When breeding Axolotls, your pet Axolotl will usually reach sexual maturity at the age of 6 months to one year depending on the conditions, with 12 months being the most common.

Although they can reproduce at this age it is recommended that breeding is restricted until they are 2 years old.

This will help your Axolotl to grow and to develop healthily.

Axolotls spawning process

The male will start the spawning process by nudging and making contact with the female. During the courtship, the male deposits spermatophores on the bottom of the aquarium. Spermatophores are deposit of sperm the male encourages the female to collect in her cloaca. Unlike most egg laying fish like goldfish the fertilisation process occurs internally.

How long will it take for Axolotl to lay eggs?

The female Axolotl will now lay eggs, and this will can occur within 2-4 hours, or the next day. The egg laying process usually happens at night and can take one or two days to complete.

How many Axolotl eggs count can we expect?

Your Axolotl will wrap its legs around a plant or surface it is laying on, and commence the laying process. An adult Axolotl can lay between 50 and 1000 eggs at each spawn.

Setting Up Your Axolotls Tank

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